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We are very fortunate to have one of the worlds best ballistics protection experts on our team, Rainer Daniel, our Research & Development Director.

In 2018 you will see komankra launch a range of new innovative ballistics designs and products that will benefit both private and government security organisations, this new range will complement our existing ballistics product range of which are world-class.

We are confident that we will remain competitive in this field, offer a better product range and service than many of our competitors, continue to be innovative in our approach to design and remain flexible to our clients needs.

2018 is going to be a busy year for us all, we look forward to our launch and we are standing by to meet new clients and make an impact within this industry.

For more details about our product range, please send us an email to info@komankra.com and visit our website www.komankra.com



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PTSD Carp Fishing – Supporting Veterans

quarry bank logoPTSD DAY FISHING

Supporting Veterans

In 2018 we have some great projects to focus on, giving support to Veterans dealing with PTSD.  Owner Neil from Quarry Bank Carp Pool fisheries in France has kindly offered his support to use his venue on an availability basis for guys and girls to fish.  His place is absolutely stunning, a new stock of big carp and a beautiful complex with everything to hand.


Quarry Bank Carp Pool France

Mark Wheeler – PTSD Essex


Mark Wheeler from PTSD Essex is the main man, he has been carrying out his Phd over the last six years to see how outdoor activities benefit veterans with PTSD, a fantastic project to be working on.  To allow us to move forward swiftly on our planned projects we have formed a PTSD Group, by uniting together strengthens our capabilities.

PTSD ESSEXVeterans Badge

Follow Our Progress

We have some great plans for next year and we have received some fantastic support from our partners, please follow our progress www.komankra.com

Uniting Together

PTSD ESSEXKomankra PDF Sign Logo-1Veterans Badge

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“Feeding The Ghana Croc”

Feeding the croc


Searching through my Ghana pics and I came across this one, me feeding the croc on a day out with friends at Hans Cottage Botel http://www.hansbotelgh.com/

For anyone visiting Ghana or for those that live amongst the Expat community then this is a fantastic place to stay and chill out whilst getting close up to the crocs.


Ghana is a wonderful place to visit or do business, conduct your own research and you will be surprised on how much Ghana and it`s people have to offer, we are here to assist if you need any help!  www.komankra.com


Hans Cottage Botel LogoYOU WILL LOVE THIS PLACE!

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Komankra Global Services Ltd


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Komankra Global Services Ltd is a British & German Veteran and Ghanaian owned company, we have made some good progress to date in such a short period of time.

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Team Komankra


Current project focusMilitary & Security Trg | Ivory Conservation | Renewable Energy | Education & Training | Business Applications | Charity Support | Ballistics Protection 

UK – Ghanaian Communities


Hello, UK – Ghana Community!

UK Ghanaian Communities
Komankra would like to connect with the UK Ghanaian communities, join their social media sites and networks. By engaging with multiple Ghanaian organisations we believe that we can add value to all communities and offer services that will benefit:
▪Serving Forces Resettlement
▪Security Professionals
▪Police & Military Veterans
▪Trade / Business Networking

To find out more please visit Komankra Ltd

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Your Team at Komankra Ltd

Support A Veteran Company


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